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Nasal Oxygen Cannula

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Nasal Oxygen Cannula

Nasal Oxygen Cannula Features

  • 100% medical grade PVC material.
  • Anti-crush tube
  • Ear-hang design provides patient with comfortable and safe Oxygen-delivery medium.
  • Available with standard or universal connector,and different lengths of Oxygen tubing
  • Smooth edge design improves patient comfort

There also have super soft nasal cannula can be choiced

Product Information

Item No. Size Tip type Set/CTN
NC1001 Adult Standard Tip 100
NC1002 Pediatric Standard Tip 100
NC1003 Infant Standard Tip 100
NC1004 Adult Flared Tip 100
NC1005 Adult Curved Tip 100
NC1006 Adult super soft tip 100
NC1007 Pediatric super soft tip 100
NC1008 Infant super soft tip 100
NC1009 Neonate super soft tip 100