Sports Tape

Cotton Cohesive Elastic Bandage

Cohesive elastic bandage also called Self adherent elastic bandage.

Cohesive elastic bandage were designed specifically for veterinary use. A panel of veterinarians helped develop this high quality cohesive non-woven bandage.

self-adherent bandage

breathable and water-resistant

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Cotton Cohesive Elastic Bandage


  • Material: cotton + spandex
  • Glue: With latex free glue or natural latex glue
  • Elasticity: 200%-210%
  • Fabric gram: 80g or made as request
  • Package: simple package
  • With ISO, CE, FDA certificates
  • Accept OEM/ODM


  • White color, skin color

Key Features:

  • More soft and comfortable,Light weight, porous
  • Adheres to itself, non-sticky to hair or skin, hand tear, no pins or clips needed
  • Easy to cut, no scissors needed
  • Many colors for choose, designs printed is available
  • Protects primary dressing and provide compression
  • Water resistant, will not loose by sweet or water