Sports Tape

EAB Bandage

EAB Bandage Used for sprains and strains; fixing the cold or hot compress bag; controlling edema after varicose veins; compression hemostasis; treatment of
animal' s disease.

EAB Bandage made of cotton elastic material, with Heavy and stable stretch

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EAB Bandage


  • Material: cotton + spandex
  • Elasticity: 200%-210%
  • Package: simple package
  • With ISO, CE, FDA certificates
  • Accept OEM/ODM


  • White color or skin color

Key Features:

  • Easy to hand tear
  • latex free adhesive material, maximum minimized imitation to skin. Provide strong adhesion with minimal residue.
  • Soft cotton conforms readily to joint contours, like elbow, knee and shoulders etc.
  • Porous construction allows skin to breathe and moisture
  • High elasticity allows the degree of support/compression to be carried during application to meet different requirements.