Sports Tape

Kinesio Tape

 Medical supply 5cmx5m waterproof good elasticity Kinesios Tape.

Widely used of the protection/ supporting / binding up in sports

Strong and reliable stickiness

Latex free, hypoallergenic

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Kinesio Tape

Applications of kinesiology tape

1, Sports protection: Widely used of the protection/ supporting / binding up in sports. Its main factions are to increase the support force, reinforce the joints, restrict the movement range of the joints / muscle effectively to prevent pulled muscle.

2, Muscle physiotherapy: Treament of sports injury, crutiate ligament injury, pulled muscle, shoulder and neck strain and joints sprain, increasing the space between subcutaneous tissue and sarolemma, helping lymph circulation, improving metabolism and the body's natural healing power, relieving soreness and swelling of muscle and traumatism.


  • Material: cotton + spandex
  • Elasticity: 170%-180%
  • Glue: Medical acrylic glue,made in Japan,latex free
  • Package: simple package or single box
  • With ISO, CE, FDA certificates
  • Accept OEM/ODM


  • Different color choice.

Key Features:

  • Adhesive with water wave pattern, breathable and waterproof
  • Stable adhesive and strong textile strength
  • Standard water wave
  • Supporting tapes for athletic Muscles
  • Assists lymphatic drainage by doctor
  • Activates the endogenous analgesic systems
  • Corrects joint problems in sports
  • Muscle recovery and injuey prevention for athletes
  • Improve circulation, promote healing, soft tissue relaxation.