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Polyester Braided surgical suture

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Polyester Braided surgical suture

This product is the (non-absorbable polyester-braided) suture with needle. The basic material for the suture needles is the stainless steel alloy while the suture is the braided threads made of high polymer materials. The thread body is dyed into different colors and its surface has gone through special treatment, smooth and flexible. with less dragging effect to the tissues, high tensile strength and good bio-performance.

Operation performance: our suture needle has good puncturing properties, high toughness and body smoothness. The suture thread is flexible ad smooth. It is of low dragging effect during suturing of the tissues, convenient and secure for knotting, and easy for operation.

·The tensile strength: this suture thread has an original tensile strength higher than that specified in the USP standard. It enjoys long-lasting stretching force when implanted into tissues.

·Absorbability: This suture thread cannot be absorbed by the human body.

·Bio-compatibility: This suture thread, when implanted into tissues, causes very little tissue reaction and less growth of tissues connection. It is of no stimulation to the human body, no allergy, no cytotoxicity and no genetic toxicity.