Good for baby fever – know more of fever cooling gel patches

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Good for baby fever – know more of fever cooling gel patches

ZRMED are fever cooling gel patches manufacturer supplier which can Quickly reduce skin temperature and instant cooling effective lasts up to 10 hours. what’s more, fever cooling gel patches can also relief summer-heat, headache, relieving etc


ZRMED ‘s fever cooling gel patches belong to physical cooling, it contains the natural cool plant extraction (Menthol) that can be well penetrated into the skin, to enhance the effect of cooling. small piece can bring the supreme

fever cooling gel patch package-ZRMED

As a Fever cooling patches supplier, we use Japanese advanced production process and formula, strictly follow CE ISO standard, make products 100% perfect.

It contains at least 80% of water which works with the body’s natural cooling system helping to cool the body.High temperature cause water continuous evaporateing, make body cooling down.

The excellent heat transfer ability is made possible by the gels unique structure which disperses heat freely and maintains a constant and steady cooling effect that lasts up to 10 hours.


We are fever cooling gel patches manufacturer supplier, If you need patch, you can contact us.



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