How to Use Sampling flocked swab

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How to Use Sampling flocked swab

Proper specimen collection is critical for rapid and accurate diagnosis of clinical specimens. Individually wrapped swabs are sterile, ready-to-use devices for the collection of clinical samples. This post details how to get the best possible samples using flocked swabs. 

About Flocked Swabs 

Chuangxin provides a variety of flocked swab tip sizes and various shaped handles for specific applications.

For sterilization, each swab is individually wrapped in a medical grade gamma or EO compatible pouch. Gamma or EO sterilization is marked on the product labels.

Directions for Using Flocked Swabs
1, Peel open sterile pouch.

2, Remove swab and collect specimen. Ensure the applicator tip only touches the suspected infectious area to minimize potential contamination.

3, Swab should be processed immediately according to internal laboratory instructions.

4, Alternatively, swab may be placed in a sterile tube marked with patient information and transferred to laboratory for microbiological analysis.

5, Disposal of tubes and swabs must be done according to laboratory regulations for biohazard waste.

Storage of Flocked Swabs

Store flocked swabs at 2-30°C.

Flocked Swab Limitations
Reliable specimen collection depends on many factors including collection and handling technique, specimen conditions and timing. Best results are achieved when specimens are processed shortly after the time of collection.

If delays are anticipated, swab specimens are recommended to be stored in a suitable buffered preservative until it is processed. Refer to corresponding reference standard and procedure for optimum collection techniques.1-2

Storage temperature outside of recommended range should be avoided.

Usage Precautions
For single use only, re-use may cause a risk of infection and/or inaccurate results.

Do not re-pack.

Do not re-sterilize.

The use of this product in conjunction with a rapid diagnostic test or instrument should be validated by the user.

Do not apply excessive force when collecting swab samples from patients as it may result in unintended breakage of the swab handle.

Follow directions for use as demonstrated below, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized use of the product.

All clinical specimens may contain infectious microorganism and should be handled with care. Appropriate protective equipment should be worn. Laboratory and biosafety guidelines should be followed when handling a clinical specimen.

Swabs should not be used if peel pouch is damaged or if expiration date printed on label has passed.

To be handled by trained personnel only.

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